Supporting agencies and brands alike with an experienced and down to earth approach to
film-making that ensures the money gets seen on screen.
Over 18 years in broadcast, corporate & commercial film production has meant working with many,
many people. It has taught us how to deal with people. How to put them at ease, how to persuade them,
how to give them confidence, how to make them smile and how to make them cry. Put simply,
how to get the best out of them.

We believe this understanding of our fellow beings enables us to connect with everyone
involved in the process of making a film, ensuring the best outcome for the
people it was made for

PastedGraphic2ABOUT KARA...
When I announced to my family that I was going to forge a career in film making, my Mother's first
response was that no one "gets jobs" in film making.

Never one to be told that I can't achieve something, we're now 18 years down the line and there have been some incredible highlights, from a meeting with Richard Curtis to discuss a TV sitcom script, to giving Harry Hill a lift home in my old banger & greeting the bespectacled Madonna as she came to perform on the Jonathan Ross show, to name but a few.

Over the 18 years in both broadcast and brand media, I have delivered a diverse range of film content working with organisations and agencies of all sizes. My broadcast career has taken me from international daily news to Comic Relief and my output in communications covers luxury travel, at one end of the scale, to cancer treatments at the other.  

I am good with people on both sides of the camera and adept at getting the most out them. I believe it is my integrity and collaborative spirit that has opened many doors, giving me the opportunity to work with both talented and dedicated colleagues. 

Mike70s230a1ABOUT MIKE...
Mike grew up in Thamesmead, a rambling council estate in South East London in the 70’s. Like most kids on the estate Mike dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, but after his dad described him as having all style and no content he realised that after leaving school he would need to pursue an alternative career.

At sixteen a mate took him to see ‘Rumblefish’ at the Lumiere and that’s when he fell in love with movies and in particular the sort of arresting cinematography that his dad would say was all style and no content.

Mike bought a camera, taught himself photography and was soon exhibiting his stills work in Paris, Italy and Los Angeles, winning production awards for large- scale installations in both London and LA.

During this period, he began a long association with multi disciplinary agency Imagination where he started directing brand films and innovative video installations for clients such as Ford, Aston Martin and Coca Cola, winning awards in London and New York.

Mike’s work reflects his passion for photography, where every frame counts but also a desire to create multi sensory experiences that entertain, engage and move, a striking blend of style and content. His Dad is very proud of him.

...with no doubt I can say that you guys captured the most pure essence of Costa Rica,
I have 20 years working tourism in my country and this video made me feel proud of the land where I was born.
I will wait to see our video with anxiety, I am sure it will be amazing as well. Congratulations you made an incredible job.
Kathya Porras - Sales & Contracting Manager,Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort

As I think you know I watched the Brand Video today. The video makes us feel proud to be employees. 
In short it captures everything we discussed at our briefing meeting and the way you used the story, the music,
the actors and the staff really captures the essence of the Brand in a way we have not been able to achieve since I have been
associated with the Raffles Brand. I am very confident that this video will be a significant benefit to our company.
I know you’ve still got work to do to finish it but I just wanted to say “Thank You”
John M. Johnston - President  Raffles Hotel Group

It was a pleasure to have met you all. I realise that these shoots can be very testing events for both
parties and it was very good to see all sides working so well together. We all look forward immensely to
seeing the results of your long days and very early mornings soon! 
Simon Hirst - General Manager, Raffles Praslin, Seychelles




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